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The idea of playing and earning is no longer fiction in today’s age, there is more play and earn platforms that we can count and Gameplay seems to want to roll with the big boys.

What is Gameplay?

Gameplay is an online mobile platform that allows players to compete in trivia games to earn money

Where does Gameplay COME IN?

Gameplay intends to be the next adrenaline rush and to be one of the most talked about play and earn mobile trivia games, and how did I eventually design such a mobile platform? well, let’s find out…


I got started on the project in September 2021 when Kehinde one of the co-founders reached out to me via LinkedIn. After hopping on a virtual call where he briefed me on the product idea and the role I needed to play, as excited as I was I could not wait to start the project. Now unlike my regular contract projects, for this one, I was designing the brand from the scratch meaning I was going to first develop the brand identity and then the user experience. Awesome right!

Let’s get started

Now deep breath… in other not to freak out about the scope of the project, I decided to approach the project by first designing the brand identity. And to do this, my client — Kehinde and I discussed the brand’s build-up.

After an in-depth strategy session we walked away with a clear set of objectives for the brand:

  • Brand should communicate excellence
  • An adaptive but neutral identity
  • Have a product experience that lives up to our brand promise

The motivation: Gaming should have a reward attached to it. Compensation but with fun.

Based on what we had discussed, I went into researching more about the brands’ industry and saw what the market trend was at that point… As I carried out my over the desk research on Mobile game brands, here were my objective for the research:

  • Understand the current trend for the mobile game brands both local and international
  • Study similar mobile trivia game platforms and gain insight into the experience
  • Find common patterns associated with logo marks in the industry

Now that research is done on the industry, my head is buzzing with ideas, and I can wait to start sketching them. But there was a problem, and the problem was how do I do something that fits into the brand that is not generic and will last the brand for years to come and still be relevant…

… in deep thoughts, I sought to do mood boards and visual research on more game industries. One thing I noticed about these brands as I mood boarded were;

  • Bold and strong marks
  • Vibrant colours that feel energetic
  • Some mobile experiences were expressive and visually captivating

Developing the Idea

Now I have gained clarity on my visual ideas, I decided to put together a set of mood boards that I resonated with.. below is a screenshot of my mood board.

Mood boards snapshot on the Gameplay branding project

So I don’t lose certain information or visual feel when designing, I first mind map my ideas and centre them around certain emotions and feelings I want the brand to carry as I design. Unfortunately, I can’t show that right now

Now the fun part…Sketching !!!!!

This is the most exciting part of my brand identity design process because it allows my ideas and imagination to run wild and sketch whatever comes to mind without worrying about perfection. Based on the brand’s objectives I had ideas to showcase a strong and neutral logo mark. Below is a picture of my sketchbook…

Image of my sketchbook with logomark ideas

I know my sketches are a little messy, but that is the fun of it. Moving on, it was time to vectorize my pen ideas. Yay!

Designing the Solution

“I aimed for a minimalist design approach. This thinking allowed me to come up with visual metaphors to explain complex ideas and expression.”

These are some of the selected few visual identities from the many iterations

visual identities iterations

Being in continuous communication with my client during my design process allowed me always put the brand’s objective at heart. We held our design review session where I presented the visual ideas. It was an exciting review session as we both instantly knew what identity was the right fit for the brand. At the end of the call Gameplay’s identity was birth.

Now here is why this identity works:

  • I believe it communicates “excellence” in the mark
  • it’s designed in a way to be strong but adaptive
  • It carries certain visual metaphors
Gameplay Brand Identity

The fun part of the identity is some of the visual metaphors it displays. These were the common ones I got during testing and feedback
Quote 1 — “First time I looked at it I saw the bold face of an Eagle or falcon”
Quote 2 — “At first glance, I could see the letter (G) and when I focused on it, I could see a race car flag 🏁”

Let me know if you see something new, comment below!

More Visuals From Brand book…

Logo lockup
Color palette and typography
Logo Responsiveness
Logo Mockups
Logo mark on merch and stationary

Final Words

Working on this trivia game identity allowed me to realize how design can indeed be used to convey certain emotions, that is what makes a designer unique. Play-to-earn player’s space is expanding and is believed to be the next big thing.

Thanks for reading till the END. Till we meet again

Ogaga John



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